Who am I?

Hello and thanks for coming by. My name is Rory. I’m an Italian Wine geek  and I finally decided to share my exploration as I branch out from my Italian comfort zone and explore the lesser known or lesser appreciated wines of the world. I studied wine at the Culinary Institute of Florence and worked in the restaurant industry for years. I concluded my restaurant career as a Sommelier at Eataly NYC in the fine dining restaurant Manzo and from then on decided to relegate my passion to hobby status, along with casual blogging and…lets just call it pro-bono consulting.

The big secret in wine is you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get great, distinctive wine that can cellar for decades. I’ve been around the wine-snob block a few times since my first experience with Italian wine 15 years ago and I can confidently say I am a believer in good wine with the least amount of fuss. It is discouraging to see a global wine market like we have today so over-developed and saturated with the 750ml bottles, some selling for thousands of dollars and some for just a few bucks. But it makes sense doesn’t it? In such a big windy world of wine consumers flock to recognizable brands and conventional wisdom to tell them what is good!

I want to help change that! First for myself and hopefully by sharing here, for others too.


Old vine planting at Ridge’s Monte Bello vineyard